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What does a typical prop newspaper look like?

Typically, the newspapers I create are a front and back page printed side-by-side on one sheet.  They are then folded and can be stuffed with either blank or generic printed filler.  Papers can be a range of sizes, usually  falling in the broadsheet or tabloid category.


On what type of paper are your newspapers printed?


Newspapers are made of 30lb. newsprint paper.  This is the same type of paper on which your local, regional, or national newspaper is printed.


Generic vs. Custom papers?


Generic papers have the masthead (title), date and locale of your choosing without any other custom content.  With a custom paper you can specify a headline and photo in addition to the masthead, date and locale.  You are welcome to specify any more detail that you may need, including sub-headline, copy, back page content, etc.  The cost on papers will increase depending on the extent of the customization.


Will you print an existing file if I already have it designed?


I can certainly print pre-existing files. This is a good option for someone on a tighter budget since you will only be paying for printing and assembly. PDF files preferred. Please inquire here.

Do you have a template I can use to design my own paper?

I use a professional layout and design program to create papers, so I do not have templates. If you are going to design your own newspaper I can provide size and margin specs to help your process. Send me an email for specifics.

Can I order just one paper?


Yes, you can absolutely order just one newspaper.  Unlike many large newspaper presses, I specialize in single and short runs.  I have the ability to print as few or as many newspapers as you need.   


How do I find out pricing?


Please fill out an inquiry form! Pricing depends on what you need, and everyone's needs are different. The forms help give me the basic info in order to send you a quote.  I always appreciate as much info as you can give, as that will help me provide you with a more accurate quote.  Once I send along my rates and a quote, we can discuss further to get to exactly what you need. Please,  inquire away!

I sent along an inquiry and haven't heard back yet.

I try to respond to all inquiries within 2 business days, but there are times during the year where I am extremely busy.  Theatre tends to all happen around the same time and when you are in tech, likely so is everyone else.  Please be patient and I will respond as soon as I can.

How much does shipping cost and what service(s) do you use?


Shipping and handling starts at $8.95.  Price will increase with orders over 1Lb. or about 2 full newspapers.  I ship USPS priority mail and UPS.  UPS expedited options are also available.


How do I pay you?


Once we have discussed your order and have settled on cost, I will send out an invoice and you can securely pay online with a credit/debit card or PayPal account. I invoice using PayPal  but you will not need a PayPal account to make payment. I do not take payments or credit card information over the phone or through email.

Do you make anything other than prop newspapers?


I am currently only taking orders for prop newspapers. If you need any advice on how to make other prop ephemera, feel free to reach out. 

I am on a tight budget, can I afford your newspapers?


I try very hard to work within smaller budgets.  My background is in store-front theatre and I understand budget constraints.  If you let me know what you are able to spend we can creatively figure out a way to utilize Prop Papers.


How quickly can you make a newspaper?


I can usually create a newspaper in a couple of days, so including time-in-transit you will typically receive an order in 7-10 business days. However, it will ultimately depend on the amount of customization, how many you need and what other projects I have lined up. Quick turn around and expedited options are available for an additional fee.

How many performances will newspapers last?


In theatre, newspapers are usually considered "consumables" and will, more often than not, need to be replaced during the run of a show.  If your show is only two weekends or about eight performances, then one paper should be able to last (unless action with the paper is more aggressive).  I always recommend getting a back-up paper just in case something were to happen.

Have any other questions?  Send me an email and I’ll be happy to answer!

*Check out this helpful Visual Newspaper Guide for more information on vocabulary, layout and sizing. 

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