Fiorello prop nwspapers

Fiorello!      TimeLine Theatre     Photographer:  Lara Goetsch





  From High School to Broadway, I have been creating prop newspapers for theatrical productions since 2006.  Realistic papers and ephemera can add to the authenticity to any production. 

     Up close or far away they can make a statement.  Check out the subsequent pages for details on getting papers made for your production.


You're in the right place!   I have all of the Newsies newspapers in stock! 

     Music videos, student project films, independent films and major blockbusters can all utilize the services of Prop Papers.  I have done everything from printing already designed pages to creating a custom newspaper from scratch. 

     Whatever you need I am here to help.  Here are some examples for you to look through.  And go ahead, send me an email or fill out one of theses forms.

    Historical replicas for TV documentaries or a custom made newspaper for your commercial, I can make it all.  Close-ups on these will never leave an audience doubting. 

    Even if you already have a paper designed and just need someone to print.  I'm here to help.

     Check out some examples and send an inquiry my way!  I'd be thrilled to work with you.

    There are plenty of occ-asions that need custom made newspapers.  I have created papers for wedding photo booths, photoshoots, window displays, music videos, dance performances and halloween costumes. I have even made special custom keepsake news-papers for birthdays and wedding receptions.  So, please, email me with your newspaper needs or check out these helpful forms!